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    • You can place an order at any time of the year.
    • Purchase on the actual stock in our warehouse at all times.
    • To reserve an order from our website: add all the references, sizes and quantities you want to the cart. You have to choose the STORE PICKUP option and select the DISTRIBUTION option.
    • In the payment gateway you must enter your personal information and the code: DISTRIBUTION , so that you do not have to make any payment at this time.
    • Once we receive the order request, we confirm the actual stock available.
    • We will send you a delivery note with the details of your purchase so that you can make the payment.
    • Once payment is received, we send the order to your store.
    • There are no orders or minimum quantities.


        We have four main seasons set. The product will be available for B2B on these dates:
        • Spring February 1
        • Summer April 1
        • Fall September 1
        • WinterNovember 1

          B2B COST PRICING

          • The sales margin is 2.3 on the pvp that appears on the website (to know your cost price you have to divide the pvp of the website by 2.3)

          • The sales margin on discounted garments is 2.7 over the RRP that appears on the website (to know your cost price you have to divide the RRP of discounted garments by 2.7)


          • The shipping cost from La Comet's central warehouse to the international multi-brand store will be paid by the customer.