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At La Comet we are a team that works day by day making our project, our company, possible. We put all our efforts into being able to offer you a better product and service every day.

Today we are a small team, where we all do everything, we value teamwork a lot!
To continue growing we are looking for people who are passionate about their work, and above all with a positive attitude and desire to join our project.

If you want to know all the offers we have available, or you want to send us your curriculum vitae, send it to

We would like your CV to have this information:

  • Photo
  • Name
  • Age
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Studies
  • Languages
  • Professional experience
  • Current Availability

We will process the information you provide us in order to keep you informed of the different vacancies.

We will be delighted to receive your request!